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Monday, 26 January 2015

They Come From Dust Part Eighteen

Adam's little nun companion ended up being a real boon to the threesome. She knew wild edible plants and could make something to eat out of nothing over a tiny non-smoke fire. Sister also walked like an angel hovering over the ground and slept like a soldier at night. The two men felt comfortable with this small nun.

Adam had to decide whether God was calling him to hide out for the duration of these initial terrible times, or try and find Father Gibson and work with him.

He also knew that the type of knowledge he had of the inner workings of the president's circle of advisers, something he learned both from Karen and his dad, would mean that he would be considered dangerous.

About a day and a half from St. Richard's Reservation, Adam came to his decision.

He woke up Chuck just before dawn. "What is the reality of me making it to the Ohio mission and following Father Gibson's path?"

Chuck rolled out of his sleeping bag. "Dunno. You could make it from here in two days to the monastery just over the Pennsylvania border, stay with the brothers, and go on from there. Last I heard, there were three still there. Father is working on the other side of the Ohio, near where Steubenville used to be. You could make it in a week or less, walking. But, the brothers may have a car."

Adam sat down on a log. "Would you mind taking Sister to the reservation alone?"

Chuck was honest. "Moving one is easier than moving two. No, not at all and I need a break."

The young man sat on a log and listened to the wind in the fir trees. No birds.

He knew that his heart was with Father Gibson and the priest's missionary work. He longed for the rhythm of prayer and Mass.

Chuck spoke up. "I don't think there is anything for you to do up north here. I think you need to move on west."

Adam stood up and packed his things. "I think I have learned from this dear woman how to live off the land." He smiled.

Chuck stood up as well. "Let us not wake her. Goodbye and good luck. You may be surprised and find help on the way."

Adam nodded and turned away. He was taking a huge chance to try and get to the monastery at the border of New York and Pennsylvania in good time. But, he had to try.

He turned back and waved. Chuck was watching him. Adam began a new journey, alone, but not alone. For some of his friends, it was  "adieu" and for some "au revoir".

About two miles down the path of the foothills, Adam saw one of the most beautiful sun dogs he had ever seen. It reminded him of one he had seen years ago in England, on a train, on one of the coldest days of that year. His heart ached for his cousins in Poland, who had met him that year in Surrey, in that cold winter. He could not but believe that for them his goodbye was "au revoir".  He looked over a clearing to the west away from the sun dogs in the east, turned his back on the sign, and began his descent into the lower lands towards the monastery.

To be a Catholic in these times meant a completely different viewpoint than the previous generations had. One could choose clearly to be a saint. Adam had made his choice.

Need Immediate Prayers

I am, believe it or not, having to fly into New York in the next few days.


Need lots of prayers.


They Come From Dust Part Seventeen

Angelica wanted to throw the television out of the window. All the media hype about the president seemed like a fantasy flicks. Idolatry of the leader was no longer a problem just for North Korea. The odd thing which dawned on Angelica, was that a majority of people in the Northeast were watching these broadcasts from camps. She supposed that most people either had given up all rationality after the time of the disasters, falling into a numb state of mind, which she called "zombeism" or people no longer really cared about anything but safety and comfort.

The tribe had accepted Janet and Mason, and had buried Jimmy from the Catholic mission church. Angelica invited to three to stay, but there was an empty house on the Canadian side of the reservation, and Mason decided he and Brandy needed some privacy. Janet was content to stay with Angelica. She felt like she had a lot to process, both in her emotions and in her mind. Angelica understood this and the two fell into a peaceful arrangement of quiet, chores, praying together and talking when Janet felt like it.

As to life on the reservation, a general sense of dread came upon some of the members, while others were optimistic that they would be left alone to get on with life as they had for a very long time.

Most were happy with being ignored by any type of outside authority.

The most pressing thought and concern centered on the arrival of Adam and Father Gibson. Father Augustine had received word via the clergy missionary grapevine that Father Gibson was in Pennsylvania and had ventured in Ohio. Mason was beginning to think Father Gibson would continue his missionary work and not come back to New York or Canada.

Father Augustine said that having two priests in the same area would be a waste. All agreed. Mason and Brandy finally announced publicly the coming birth of their baby in a few months. This birth, said the leader of the tribe, was an excellent omen for the future of the nation. Mason was elected to the council within four months.

Mason began to think of himself as Athos retiring to his country estate. Adam seemed far away, fighting the good cause to the end like d'Artagnan, and Father Gibson, was, of course, Aramis.

There was no Porthos...

Mason had the strangest feeling that they would not all be together again, not able to say good-bye like the Three Musketeers. He felt that spiritually he was saying farewell to his dearest friends, and that the old days of friendship and working together were over.

Another strange feeling he had was that he would definitely see some of them again, in heaven,, but one he would never see again, even in the afterlife. He kept this secret to himself, and died with it.

Like Adam's secret concerning the president's real mother, some secrets die in the grave.

to be continued...

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Points on Europe

  • Here is a list of my thoughts on what will happen here:
  • The EU will collapse and the Euro
  • Nations will become more belligerent among themselves reverting into nationalism
  • But this nationalism is fed by the OWG people who will replicate tyranny in every nation
  • Borders will be difficult to cross except for the very rich
  • Lone travelers will be restricted more and more
  • Europe will be the playground of the rich only
  • Tyrannies will take over the structures and governments because of terrorism
  • Those EU countries which sell arms to the terrorists form part of this plan
  • More and more draconian laws isolating, marginalizing and criminalizing Catholics will occur
  • Catholics will be targeted (and already are) as no-go people, not let in to do missionary work or share ministries
more later

I was told....

that the Archbishop of Dublin was at Davos.

Chaos from a Cardinal

They Come From Dust Part Sixteen

Adam never saw men get up so quickly, "ready to rumble". Sean, Mike and Chuck stood in a small group looking like giant angels. Mike said loudly, "Hey, do we have a surprise for you, Chuck!"

Mike led the two policemen plus Adam to a little room and opened the door. Adam could hardly believe his eyes. There were three nuns in habits resting on the floor. One stood up when the door opened.

"Now, Sister Mary, do not be afraid. We have a visitor and a guide you will be traveling with up north. Did you explain this to the others?"

The diminuitive nun said "Yes" quietly and fell back into silence.

Mike said that Sean would bring them all breakfast, but that they should be ready to go immediately after eating.

"Of course, Mike, and thank you, again." Sister Mary turned to the others and briefly introduced them to Adam and Chuck.

Then, the men left and began to prepare something to eat. Chuck looked worried. "Where did you find them." Sean spoke first. "Well, they found us about five days ago. They just walked up to the door. They have a horrible story which they can tell you on the way. We've got to get them out of here. All the rest of their order were killed."

Chuck drank some coffee and passed a mug over to Adam. "You realize this complicates our quick journey north. Three ladies in habits...and we don't have any clothes for them to change into."

Sean was making bacon and eggs over a small stove. "They wouldn't change, anyway. The others may not have been killed if they had gone out of habit. Well, we have to get them away. We are still too close to the new military base, and the old ones. I found out the army is returning from the Washington area and coming back up here. Also, something is going to happen in New York, We have heard rumors."

Sean spoke just as fast as Chuck. Adam wondered at their "spy network". He was trying not to think of the new dangers now that he and Chuck would be joined by three nuns of  "un-determined" ages.

Chuck took Adam aside. "We have decided that travelling in a group of more than three is just plain dangerous. You and I with one of the sisters will leave first. Then Sean will take one and Mike the other. They will not take the same roads as we are and they will go to different places. At this point, you do not need to know where they are going. I trust you are OK with a female companion, "

Adam reassured Chuck and then, Chuck asked the nuns to join them for food. Within minutes, Chuck explained the break-up of the group. The leader, Sister Mary, agreed with the wisdom of this plan.

Sean and Sister Therese would leave after Chuck's party, then Mike and Sister Celine would leave about fifteen minutes later.

Nothing would be left in the Shaker house, nothing.

"I am going to drive the car a few blocks away right now. Be back in five." Church left and drove the Mini to a small copse of trees about a quarter of a mile away. Then, he ran back to the house.

OK, we must leave. Mike, are you ok leaving last? You know where to go?"

Mike nodded. The nuns all hugged each other. Chuck ushered Sister Mary out of the door, Adam followed.

As they stepped across the road into a field and down another road, Chuck noticed for the first time that Sister Mary was wearing hiking boots. He smiled.

Within a half-hour, the house was abandoned with no obvious traces of food, stove, blankets. Mike and Sister Celine began a march due east, but they would vere north eventually. Sean and Sister Therese went south, and they would move due west at some point soon . Both men knew of two safe places, at least for now, safe places, within three days of walking. The adventures began...

To be continued...

This Is Outrageous


This is serious, folks! VIP!

Persecution Stage End of Four going into Five...

This constitutes a new subjective approach in diagnosing of mental illness in that it promises to end free speech and any form of political dissent. The federal government has already declared anyone who opposes its unconstitutional policies as having “political paranoia,” which is now diagnosed as a type of mental illness.

Political Schizophrenia

This is the new Soviet style political schizophrenia. We will see confinements among thealternative media and the veterans for things like ADHD, grieving, normal anxiety, bad eating habits, etc. All of these behaviors and more have been categorized as pathologies under the Obama administration and a supportive American Psychiatric Association.

Oppositional Defiant Disorder Is the Newest Weapon Against Political Dissent

When I went through my clinical training, the Bible of mental illness, The Statistical and Diagnostic Manual (DSM-4r) defined Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) as a highly controversial mental illness used to describe children and teens as mentally ill if they exhibited disobedience and defiance. When I was first nationally credentialed, most practitioners did not take this diagnosis seriously and we mistakenly believed that it would fade away. We uniformly believed this to be true because defiance and oppositional behaviors are hallmark traits of healthy rebellion exhibited by children and teens as they seek independence. Rather than ODD fading away, the diagnosis has become the tool of the ruling elite.


What do you want to bet that Christians are next?

Only God Knows

Ecclesiastes 9:12Douay-Rheims 

12 Man knoweth not his own end: but as fishes are taken with the hook, and as birds are caught with the snare, so men are taken in the evil time, when it shall suddenly come upon them.

Not too soon, imho

They Come From Dust Part Fifteen

Brandy sat in Angelica's kitchen. She and Angelica drank strong coffee and ate Angelica's sticky-buns.

Janet, Jimmy, and Mason were sleeping in various rooms of this bungalow. Angelica reached over and patted Brandy's hand.

"I am so glad you came here, Brandy. It is not the same as when you left so long ago. Things have changed. And now, many things have changed."

Angelica looked at her niece with her large brown eyes. The old woman looked much younger than her eighty years and her hair was still dark with only streaks of grey and white.

"The men held their ground when the army men came. The army seemed reluctant to shoot or take any of our men away. So, all the men, the grandfathers, fathers, uncles, sons, stood up against the small group of men. And, they backed down. I guess they did not want to repeat history. It was odd, as the military men were both in American and Canadian uniforms. Then, they all left, and here we are."

She continued, "But a few hot-headed ones left the reservation and decided to deal with the army men. Stupid. They were all shot. Katy Eagles husband, dead. Mary Two Rivers son, dead. Such a waste. But, no military men have been back. That was about two months ago."

Angelica got up and took more buns out of her oven. Brandy felt odd, in this homey setting with the whole world going crazy around them all.

"Some families left, like the Horners, who wanted to join their cousins, the Kahnawake, up north. We do not know if they made it.

The Connells left, of course, as they are a restless family, and the Johnsons, but we have no idea why they did not want to stay here. Maybe they thought we would all be killed."

Janet wandered in rubbing her back. "Do I smell cinnamon buns?" She smiled. 

Angelica pulled a chair out for her and promptly brought her coffee and a sticky-bun.

"I hope the government agents don't come back until we can make some fake ids for you all, " said Angelica. The two younger women smiled. Here are a cool elderly aunt. She came from strong people, thought Janet.

"Mason is not sure we shall be accepted here. The tribal council will decide today, I guess."

Janet mentioned that she was tired of traveling and hoped they all would be welcomed. But, Brandy knew that Mason possibly would not be accepted. She would have to wait and see.

"We still have the chapel and a priest still comes, but no one is supposed to know about that outside. We have Mass once a week. He is Canadian and makes the rounds in this area. Father Augustine."

The two women were delighted to hear that there would be Mass. They honestly could not remember the last time they heard Mass.

Just then, Mason burst into the kitchen. "Something is wrong with Jimmy, I cannot wake him up."

Angelica rushed into the living room where Jimmy had been sleeping on the sofa. He looked white and strained. She shook him, but he did not wake up.

"Brandy, run to the Cooks and get the doctor. You know where their house is, same one."

Brandy ran out into the cold and in minutes returned with Bill Cook. The doctor took a look at Jimmy, took his pulse and pulled out his stethoscope. "He's dead. I don't know why yet, but he is gone."

Janet slumped down in a chair. The third one of the original group was now beyond them. She felt it keenly.

Mason stood there looking worn out. The doctor asked him to help carry Jimmy's body to the Cook's house, where he had a small clinic. "I intend to do an autopsy, Does anyone object?"

No one answered, so the two men left with Jimmy's body. Mason stayed with the doctor the rest of the day. Brandy and Janet said a rosary, but they suddenly felt very tired. Angelica suggested they take a nap.  And, they did.

In the evening, Mason returned. "Jimmy apparently was born with a heart condition. It was just a matter of time, said Dr. Cook. Just a matter of time."

Angelica brought food and drink for Mason. The women said they were not hungry. "He was never the same after Carrie died. He was so sensitive, " Brandy said quietly.

Angelica suggested again that they get some rest. They would find out the council's decision in the morning. She would wake them up and make them breakfast.

Brandy gave her a hug. "You know, all this had to happen so that I would feel at home here, maybe at the end of all things."

Angelica held her hands. "It is not the end, but a beginning. You know that." Brandy looked at the floor and blushed. She knew now that Angelica could see that she was pregnant. She had not even told Mason.

"Go get some rest. I am going to watch the play president give a play speech on the television."

to be continued....

Saturday, 24 January 2015

They Come From Dust Part Fourteen

Adam woke up in an abandoned rectory near the now empty and looted St. Peter's, once a gem of churches in New York City. Father Gibson had moved on to another parish, and the two had agreed to meet if and when they could at the reservation.

Adam had a dream two days before that Mason and Brandy were standing at the door of the large community center in the reservation. He took that as a good sign. After Mass the day before, Father Gibson was met at the door by a man Adam did not know and the two left. Father Gibson only took his Mass kit with him and one change of clothes. Adam admired that Father Gibson could travel so light.

Now, the young man had to figure out how to travel the six hour journey up north without a car. He sat down and looked at a map as to the possiblity of walking the entire distance. It would take at least five days to seven days walking the distance, at a good pace.

Adam knew he was fit enough. He was concerned more about safety. Then, a small miracle occurred. The same man who had accompanied Father Gibson to his destination appeared at the door of the rectory.

"Father Gibson sent me back. I have a small car, a Mini and enough gas to get at least half-way. Then, we can walk the rest of the way. I am going to take the backroads. We can get to Albany in three and a half hours, and continue on foot for three days. I feel better about that, what do you think?"

The man spoke with a strong, fast Manhattan accent and Adam had to listen very carefully. He agreed to go with Chuck, the name of his new guide. And they got into the Mini and drove down the deserted streets out to the highway.

"Dare I ask where you got this car? Is it yours?"

Chuck answered, "No, of course it is not mine, Silly question. I got it out of a dealership and scrounged around for gas. No problem, With all the people gone, and the looters mostly dead, one can find stuff."

Adam asked the next question rather carefully, "And, where is everyone and all the police?"

"People are in the camps, Looters killed with drones, Police, many of the main east to west highways, and many killed by vigilantes, or better, joined the vigilantes. That is what I am."

Adam decided to wait and he wanted to think about all this news, being shot out like bullets at him.

Sure enough, in three and one-half hours exactly, Chuck pulled into a side road which skirted Albany and parked the Mini in front of an old Shaker House. "We are going to walk the rest of the way. The army has some positions up here and we can still get where we want to go in a few days. Take the two packed knapsacks, your knapsack and let's go now."

Adam grabbed the three packs and followed Chuck into the abandoned center. Adam stumbled through an overgrown herb garden and followed Chuck into one of the buildings.

There were two men there, sleeping. Chuck whispered. "Two ex-of-New-York's Finest.

And he not-so-gently woke the men up. "Mike, Sean, get up...!"

to be continued...

OK Catholic Men-Learn This!

Maybe The Whole Family Will Be Canonized!

Extremely Pressing Necessity

I am begging my readers to pray for me for a really pressing need.

This is huge. This is the biggest test of my trusting in Divine Providence completely, without any nets.

Please pray for me.
Female Journalists in WWII

We had a moment of grace...

After the end of World War II, despite the real problems of the Cold War, Americans and the free nations of Europe had a moment of grace.

This grace flowed from the one, true, holy, Catholic and apostolic Church.

This grace would have built up the churches both in Europe and North America, if only the people had repented in the years between 1945 and 2015. A seventy year period of real freedom, including the freedom of religion and speech.

That time is ending this year, as we have, except for the few, squandered graces, passed up opportunities, falling into materialism, consumerism and the dullness of status, greed and sloth. The adult appropriation of the one, true Faith handed down for over 2,000 years did not happened because of free choices of free peoples in the West, specifically Europe and America.

I am living proof of the changing of the tide. God is allowing great evil to come against sin and corruption on this earth.

What happened is that the world gave people, including myself, so much comfort, that the Will of God for the Church Militant was easily set aside.
The truth is that most people did not, in the past seventy years, want the radical Gospel. They did not want to be reconciled with Christ, as Christ makes demands on those who give their lives to Him.

This morning at Mass, the Gospel acclamation was this:

2 Corinthians 5:19Douay-Rheims 

19 For God indeed was in Christ, reconciling the world to himself, not imputing to them their sins; and he hath placed in us the word of reconciliation.
God is not understood as Justice. His Will demands obedience, in love.
Here is St. Thomas Aquinas on justice and mercy in the Summa, First Part, Question 21
I answer that, Mercy and truth are necessarily found in all God's works, if mercy be taken to mean the removal of any kind of defect. Not every defect, however, can properly be called a misery; but only defect in a rationalnature whose lot is to be happy; for misery is opposed to happiness. For this necessity there is a reason, because since a debt paid according to the divine justice is one due either to God, or to some creature, neither the one nor the other can be lacking in any work of God: because God can do nothing that is not in accord with His wisdom and goodness; and it is in this sense, as we have said, that anything is due to God. Likewise, whatever is done by Him in created things, is done according to proper order and proportion wherein consists the idea ofjustice. Thus justice must exist in all God's works. Now the work of divine justice always presupposes the work of mercy; and is founded thereupon. For nothing is due to creatures, except for something pre-existing in them, or foreknown. Again, if this is due to a creature, it must be due on account of something that precedes. And since we cannot go on to infinity, we must come to something that depends only on the goodness of the divine will--which is the ultimate end. We may say, for instance, that to possess hands is due to man on account of his rational soul; and his rational soul is due to him that he may be man; and his being man is on account of the divine goodness. So in every work of God, viewed at its primary source, there appears mercy. In all that follows, the power of mercy remains, and works indeed with even greater force; as the influence of the first cause is more intense than that of second causes. For this reason does God out of abundance of His goodness bestow upon creatures what is due to them more bountifully than is proportionate to their deserts: since less would suffice for preserving the order of justice than what the divine goodness confers; because between creatures and God'sgoodness there can be no proportion.
Reply to Objection 1. Certain works are attributed to justice, and certain others to mercy, because in somejustice appears more forcibly and in others mercy. Even in the damnation of the reprobate mercy is seen, which, though it does not totally remit, yet somewhat alleviates, in punishing short of what is deserved.
In the justification of the ungodly, justice is seen, when God remits sins on account of love, though He Himself has mercifully infused that love. So we read of Magdalen: "Many sins are forgiven her, because she hath lovedmuch" (Luke 7:47).
Reply to Objection 2. God's justice and mercy appear both in the conversion of the Jews and of the Gentiles. But an aspect of justice appears in the conversion of the Jews which is not seen in the conversion of the Gentiles; inasmuch as the Jews were saved on account of the promises made to the fathers.
Reply to Objection 3. Justice and mercy appear in the punishment of the just in this world, since by afflictions lesser faults are cleansed in them, and they are the more raised up from earthly affections to God. As to thisGregory says (Moral. xxvi, 9): "The evils that press on us in this world force us to go to God."
Reply to Objection 4. Although creation presupposes nothing in the universe; yet it does presuppose something in the knowledge of God. In this way too the idea of justice is preserved in creation; by the production of beings in a manner that accords with the divine wisdom and goodness. And the idea of mercy, also, is preserved in the change of creatures from non-existence to existence.

And from today's Office of Readings from St. Alphonsus....

.... in whatever situations we happen to be, we can and we must aspire to the life of perfection.

Fascinating Article-VIP for Podding


Somewhat follows my novel distributions and division from January, 2014...The Hour Glass.


..not another Bush.