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Saturday, 7 January 2012

from Rorate Caeli a disturbing or at least interesting statistic

"Curiosities: the February 2012 consistory will be the first one not to include a residential Cardinal from either Africa or Latin America since the small June 1977 Consistory - the last Montini Consistory, in which only 5 Cardinals were created, including Cardinals Ratzinger (Munich) and Gantin (Justice and Peace). / There will be 107 voting Cardinals on the eve of the next consistory, 21% of whom will be Italians. With the new Consistory, there will be 125 voting Cardinals, 24% of whom will be Italians, the highest percentage since the mid-1970s." from Rorate Caeli

The Vatican pundits should chime in and tell us if the high number of Italians in the consistory is a good or bad development. Note the dates here--this is a return to the pre-Blessed John Paul II organization. I am very interested, as this present Pope has started to reform the Church, especially with regards to the Liturgy, and those of us who follow this do not want to see a departure from that renewal.


Judged By What I Do said...

The Cardinals chosen were based on age. The Latin America and African cardinals are younger and thus none were chosen. The Italian emphasis is to keep them happy. They do protect the pope if something were to happen. If there were not enough Italians, then Italy might not protect the Vatican, in the worst case scenario, if they don't have enough cardinals.

Supertradmum said...

Very interesting answer...pondering