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Sunday, 8 January 2012

I wish he had not done this. Cardinal George apologizes.

Are we the Church Militant? What does that mean? Are we prophets in the public square?

I wish Cardinal George had not apologized for his comment regarding the gay movement in Chicago. It is sad that anti-Catholicism is the acceptable prejudice in Illinois and other states, especially within the more militant parts of the gay movement. The apology undermines the Cardinal's strong stand against the lewd behaviors which take place in the annual parade and the language of hatred which comes out of the gay community towards Catholics. The KKK was and is anti-Catholic. The gay movement is anti-Catholic and increasingly so. Catholics must stand up against verbal and political abuse because of the agenda which the gays have had, pushing for civil rights for a lifestyle which is "disordered". Sin has no rights, and I feel sad and let down that the Cardinal felt he had to apologize for a historically correct comparison. The hatred of anti-Catholicism may have been more obvious in the 19th century, but the prejudice is alive and well and couched in subtle, political terms which confuse people. Catholics will lose civil rights in all areas of civic life if the gay agenda is not seen for what it is-an attempt to change the entire culture concerning marriage, child-rearing, and even changing the definitions of perverse sexual behavior. The Catholic Church is the only religious institution willing to teach and protect natural law philosophy. The apology was apparently to stop a demonstration outside the Cathedral in Chicago. Lame. Why not let a demonstration occur? What is the Cardinal afraid of-confrontation? We live in the Age of Nice and no one can criticize, we cannot use metaphor or strong language to point out truth. We all have to be so nice. Being tolerant is the highest compliment a person can be given in the States and elsewhere.
Where is courage and truth in this diocese? (see blog below on black and white rhetoric)

Send these guys to stand in front of any demonstration outside a Church in Chicago.