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Monday, 27 February 2012

And, about more martyrs

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Many years ago, when I lived in England, I worked very near Tyburn Convent and would pop in there for prayers. This convent of contemplatives was founded in France, but set-up this convent just footsteps away from the terrible place of butchery, which saw the martyrdom of so many saints. Edmund Campion, Ralph Sherwin, John Roberts, Margaret Ward, Oliver Plunkett, John Houghton and his Carthusian Companions, and many more. I have not been to the convent for many years, so I do not know if the part of the gallows in still in the chapel, as it was when I visited so long ago. However, if you are in the area, go and pray near the place where so many of the Church Militant, now Church Triumphant, entered into glory. Ironically, the convent had to be moved from France during the religious persecutions there in the early 20th century. May we never forget those nuns and priests, and laypeople who suffered for the Faith. May our own hearts and minds be ready for such days.


One Step at a Time said...

Every year on 27th February a coach full of pilgrims wend their way from Sandwich, Kent to the Tyburn Convent to commemorate the violent death of Blessed Roger Filcock who died in 1601. We venerate two others on that day - Blessed Mark Barkworth and St Anne Line. These brave martyrs and many, many others besides gave their lives for Christ and His Church. So you can imagine how disappointed I was when I saw the actual place where the Tyburn tree was. A truly priceless relic. It is situated on a traffic island where hundreds of people walk over it each day not knowing or caring where they are walking. The place is becoming decimated and will disappear altogether one day. Surely this historic site could be preserved and protected for posterity. Do Catholics really care about our heritage and think about the blood which was spilt to give us freedom to practice our Catholic faith?

Supertradmum said...

Great and thanks.