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Sunday, 5 February 2012

More on the Iowa Space Science Center, pets and babies

On my star posting below, a few days ago, I mentioned my brother's cool website. Here is another photo of him with a cat which looks just like a former cat of mine, Puddyman, who now lives in St. Louis, with a very nice girl named Grace. Sadly, when I started traveling, I had to get homes for Puddy, Vladimir and Miho-Chan. Thankfully, they are all with lovely people. This is Lully with Charles Miller. He is my "little brother". I have three-brothers, not cats. As I mentioned a dog and birds below, I thought I should mention cats, as cats are very sensitive. Also, if you want to adopt, there are links towards the bottom of this blog on the right-hand side for kitty, doggy, and baby adoptions. If you can, adopt. This photo was scanned from Saturday's newspaper in Iowa City, so it looks a bit wrinkly.