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Friday, 24 February 2012

Quotation of the Day from LifeSiteNews on Abortions in England-Dog Would Be Upset with a Baby

I had my son in England almost 24 years ago. When I went for the ultra-sound in the London area, I was told that the technician could not tell me the sex of the baby in the womb, "because some women abort for reasons of gender." Now, there is an outcry. This report from LifeSiteNews highlights the hypocrisy of the abortion industry in Great Britain. When I told pro-life Catholics involved in SPUC and other groups, they denied this was happening. Why the denial? There is a crazy idea in Great Britain, and in Ireland, that just because something is illegal, it doesn't happen. It does, it has, and it will again. Sex-selection, or gender-selection causing abortions has been going on for at least a generation in Great Britain. Stop lying to yourselves, populace and pro-life workers. Here are two snippets from this disgusting information in this important article.

Stephenson’s work brings him into daily contact with abortion-minded women. He said, “One girl who came across us in Brighton told us she had an abortion because she didn’t think her dog would cope with a baby.

Since the Abortion Act was amended in 1990, there are no restrictions at all on killing children with disabilities, a change that pro-life leaders denounced as outright endorsement of eugenics. While the law states that abortions can be carried out only with the signature of two physicians, it has been revealed that most abortion facilities keep stacks of pre-signed permission forms on hand, making this “restriction” effectively meaningless.

Girl Baby, I am sure.....
One evil leads to another, leads to another....lying to one's self, and deceit are the most common evils following murders.