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Monday, 13 February 2012

The Ruling Class as the Societal Norm is the Class of Subjectivity and Utilitarianism

Gramsci noted in his prison notebooks, a new edition which came out last year, and in other earlier editions, that the ruling class will create the norms which society itself creates subjectively and in various groupings, after the quiet overthrow of religion and other class distinctions. As I have noted before, Gramsci benefited in his life, outside of his prison days, of course, from the Western life-style of an intellectual. However, he did not see his own inconsistencies, as his own well-being depended largely on the capitalism of Western Europe and the music, art, and literature of that culture. His idea of hegemony, which merely means ruling class, is that the ideas of the dominant culture, or political will becomes the lords and masters of the masses. History will see this momentum.  He foresaw the failure of a violent Marxist take-over, and therefore came up with this mode of revolution in changing the education and then cultural mores to move along Marxist principles. A slow removal of the norms of Western civilization, especially in areas of morals and religious thought, can be removed from the public life merely by the agreement of the culture itself, having various groupings coming into agreement through common goals.

I must correct myself, as I made an error in an earlier posting that Gramsci created the phrase "the long march through the institutions", a phrase of Rudy Dutschke, a liberation theology-type revolutionary, who coined the phrase. The ideals of Gramsci inspired this phrase, however, and I am happy to retract the error. 

The point of all of this is that we are now seeing in America the result of these revolutionary ideals and the hegemony of society, which now dictates, through Washington and other means, such as the media, a culture which denies natural law philosophy and the normal Western moral norms for the godless, relativistic and subjective pursuit of power and complete autonomy. Of course, the great enemy of the ruling class, which basically is the same as de Tocqueville's Tyranny of the Majority, is the Catholic Church.


Konstantin said...

Have you ever read this book
Gustav Wetter was an Austrian priest and rector of the Collegium Russicum at the Pontifical Oriental institute in Rome.
I did a lot of research about what the Mother of God meant when she spoke about the errors of Russia. I think two of these errors were dialectical and historical materialism. These false philosophies are the basis of Communism, Socialism and Marxism-Leninism. The devil managed to conceal this relationship. So very few Catholics know what communism is about. We are so lucky to have several books published in the 1950’s of German priests who did a lot of research about this theory. They had to watch how the people in East Germany which was occupied by the Soviets got indoctrinated whit these errors, which are the very errors of Gramsci. In the worldview of Marx , Engels and Lenin there is no god, the matter is eternal and everything has developed only out of the matter.
Historical materialism is the Soviet view on history. If you have once understood how this works it’s easy to understand why the left favors Muslims.

Everyone in the GDR had to go through cureses in dialectical and historical materilamis bzw Marxism-Leninismsm . Every student had to take a three your course in it, no matter what they studied. Our Chancellor Angela Merkel as well.

Martina, Konstantin's mother

New Sister said...

I have a group of Liberal friends from a faculty I once was part of. The term "Natural Law" is anathema to them. They are also in denial of any "gay agenda" - they tell us who mention it that we have fallen for a bigotted "conspiracy theory" - the new term to dismiss any challenge to their platform. It is astounding for me to see how these people who are gifted intellectually can be so blind to their own intellectual darkness. All academic integrity falls aside when a deeply embedded emotional hatred of the Catholic Church gets tripped- blind to their own biggotry. I asked one of these friends, an M.D., to read a brief from NARTH called "the Trojan Couch", on how the homosexual agenda had infitrated APA conventions and effectively bullied the psychiatric community into placing politics above science. She grit her teeth and told me that she would have to read it "mindful of a lesbian college roommate" she once had and loves. Here is a medical doctor - a good one I had always thought - closed off to medical data to inform her opinons, before ever reading what I had offered. It's frightening. I was the least intelligent (as far as IQ) on this faculty and never could take them on intellectually. It is interesting, though, how they will call or email me to ask for prayer when they need it...e.g., when one of their children is suffering.

Supertradmum said...

Wow great, and thanks. Your comments are so good.

Supertradmum said...

Konstantin, your comments are great and thank your mom, as well.