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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Coming to a Church Near You...

Washington Times Communities Blog

I have many Christian friends who want to ignore what is happening in the Middle-East and Africa, to their own peril. Some of my posts have followed certain trends. See below. The great Spencer sent this note on the move to stop the building of churches in Kuwait, which up to this time, has been fairly open, as opposed to Egypt, the Sudan, Nigeria, Uganda, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, or Iran, in the giving of permits to build Christian churches. If the complacent Christians in the West do not realize the growing dangers to their brothers and sisters in Christ all over the world, including Somalia. Ethiopia, and even Libya, as well as the above, the situation will escalate into the worst forms of persecution. Pray please, and when you have the chance to vote, vote for those politicians, who are not only aware of the persecution of Christians, but support aid. If you are not aware of the websites carrying news of the Africa nations which persecute Christians, here is one. If it happens there, it can happen anywhere. Here is a twitter link to Voice of the Martyrs which I have followed for many, many years. And, here is an excellent article from the Washington Times Communities blog on persecution and the silencing by the media of news.