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Sunday, 19 February 2012

‘"Yes, we can, we will, we dare". Men, step aside for the women--too bad, so sad

Does that phrase in quotations sound familiar? No, it is not POTUS, but the title of the conference of women priests in Sweden in 2010. The official Church of Sweden policy for ordaining women is now over 60 years old. There has been a huge influx of women into the priesthood, with the statistics in 2009 being about 33% of the entire ordained ministers being women. The Church of Sweden also has seen women bishops and the approval of same-sex marriages in that church. Hmmm.

My point is this. With the allowance of women priests, the ministry has become "feminized" to the point where the number of women priests may outstrip those of men in that country. (That is the same country which hates families and has outlawed home schooling, as seen below in another post.) May I make an extrapolation. With the permitting of altar girls in the Catholic Church, we have seen a drop in the number of altar boys, except in the Tridentine Mass community.

Sorry, but there is a connection to the lack of vocations to the priesthood and the allowance of altar girls. Watch the Church of Sweden. One of its slogans is "one world, one church". Why does this church remind me of the Obama Administration? Hmmm. Spot the similarities in the photos.