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Monday 5 March 2012

Do not tell me Eire is Catholic--Fianna Fail supports gay "marriage"

Here is the link with the news. And, there is another link. The Republican party here in Ireland has approved as part of their party platform civil gay marriage.

Here is a long quotation for the "there" link:

Marriage Equality have welcomed news that Fianna Fáil delegates at this weekend's Ard Fheis have voted in favour of giving equal marriage rights to all people, regardless of race, religion, gender or sexual orientation, as well as backing a motion calling for same-sex couples to be given full adoption rights as heterosexual couples.
"The importance of today's vote cannot be overstated," said Marriage Equality Director Moninne Griffith. "We are delighted that Fianna Fáil delegates agree with the majority of Irish people who support marriage equality, and voted in favour of equal rights for same-sex couples, our families and our children."
Delegates at the Ard Fheis supported both motions, reportedly despite Fianna Fáil's Justice Spokesperson Dara Calleary's recommendation that the issues be left under the remit of the Government's upcoming Constitutional Convention. Marriage Equality is committed to fully engaging with the Constitutional Convention, and has urged supporters to contact their elected representatives to ensure that the voices of those affected by the marriage ban - gay and lesbian couples, their families and children - are heard during the process.
If the clergy do not speak up against this, and the people do not stop supporting this party, they are all participating in evil. Period.