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Friday, 9 March 2012

Joan of Arc and Hope

Today I am thinking of St. Joan of Arc. She is a young hero for today's youth. She is a role model for personal holiness and fidelity to one's conscience. She is an example of a young person who cooperated with grace, a particular grace for a particular time. Her authenticity was based on Hope, the virtue of the soldier and the Church Militant. That she died by treachery is part of the same story we see around us today, the story of betrayal, even of Christian by Christians. That St. Joan puts her mysterious life before us as a symbol of hope, is something I would want to share with all the youth in Ireland, under the age of thirty. Without hope, there is no springtime of youth.

Above is a photo of the young St. Therese, Doctor of the Church, in a drama, as St. Joan of Arc. Also, there is the famous statue of St. Joan. The two women, both young, could not be more different. That this gentle and increasingly ill little nun, whose writings have changed the world, looked to a militant woman, who led one of the greatest armies of the world at her time, is an amazing thought. We need heroes. We need role models. We need greatest shown to us in order to make the best decisions. I pray that parents and educators everywhere inspire youth with such models.


New Sister said...

As a military officer, I am especially devoted to Ste Jeanne. I love her so much!!! I used to keep an 8x11" icon of her on my desk in the Pentagon – it made for some entertaining conversations when British officers (always good sports) would come through our office! It also fascinated me how those who noticed the icon were never indifferent to this great saint: I was either mocked or admired for displaying her. Those who mock her/me were always ignorant of who she actually was, which I relished – unwittingly they would open themselves up to a big punch of Catholicism cloaked as a history lesson, which drove them nuts, knowing they invited it and couldn’t accuse me of “proselytizing”. Perhaps it’s sinful of me, but OOOHHH was that fun. :-)

Supertradmum said...

Nice to see others who love this mysterious yet strong saint. Thanks for the comment.