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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

POTUS has Mao-Envy

Take a look at this....the States are in trouble if the Narcissist can get away with this and has his party's support. Ugh!


New Sister said...

"L'Etat - c'est moi"

William Meyer said...

I'm afraid that there are many who do not know it, but there is U.S. Code on how the flag may be used. There is also a clearly expressed etiquette. In the latter we find:
The flag should never be used for any advertising purpose. It should not be embroidered, printed or otherwise impressed on such articles as cushions, handkerchiefs, napkins, boxes, or anything intended to be discarded after temporary use. Advertising signs should not be attached to the staff or halyard.

I think the first sentence adequately expresses why the flag should never have a person's image replacing the union.

New Sister said...

Well, now that her flag is gone, perhaps she'll build and altar with a votive picture of him instead... LORD help us.

Anita Moore said...

I did a post yesterday on the prayers for protection, including votive Masses, that we have thrown out wholesale over the last half-century, to our great cost. I did not find a votive Mass for deliverance from unjust rulers. Has there ever been one? If so, it must be brought back; if not, one must be written and said over and over and over again.

New Sister said...

Ms Anita, I don't know what I would do without these blogs - you just led me to another gem of our tremendous heritage of which I was ignorant- I haven't a clue about what a Votive Mass is, or that we no longer have them. (a post-Vat II thing?) I did notice them mentioned in my Missal - eager to read up on it now; thanks.