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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

A Van Gogh Re-Discovered

Every once in awhile, an exciting find or re-discovery happens in the world of art. This painting has been proved to be a Van Gogh. It is lovely and exuberant. I am so happy to be studying it today, as it is quite refreshing. I am very pleased with the old roses. Here is the report from the Museum.

This photo provided by the Kroeller Mueller Museum in Otterlo, Netherlands, Tuesday, March 20, 2012, shows a painting entitled "Still life with meadow flowers and roses" by Vincent van Gogh. The Kroeller Mueller Museum says new X-ray research has finally put beyond doubt that "Still life with meadow flowers and roses" really is by Van Gogh. It has also uncovered in greater detail an art school study by Van Gogh of two wrestlers concealed on the same canvas and invisible to the naked eye. (AP Photo/Kroeller Mueller Museum)

particularly like the roses in this painting. Somehow, the freshness and life of this painting shows us another side of the tormented Van Gogh. May he rest in peace.