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Thursday, 26 April 2012

America and Great Britain need to stand up for women in Egypt

Sometimes, information is too disgusting to even print. I thought long and hard months ago before posting a photo of an aborted baby. This information from the great Spencer is in the same category. Please click on the link here and read, pray and do something in your political sphere. Anyone who states that Christianity is just like other religions is wrong, wrong, wrong....

What I cannot understand are women not wanting to have the dignity God created them to have, from the law, from their families, from their husbands, from their sons. Catholicism gives dignity and status to women. One only has to look at the life of Christ for the beginning of the change. His own Mother, the Theotokos, is our example, guide, queen. Mary, on this day of the ancient feast of Our Lady of Good Counsel, pray for us.


Nicole said...

This is Egypt's problem. The US should not tread on the sovereign state of Egypt without a specific call to crusade from the Holy Father.

Also, 14 years old is old enough to marry by the standards given for women in the Council of Trent (I think the 24th Session), which was set at a base of 12. I know Canon Law now requires a woman to be 16 before she marry and the Bishops' Conferences can set a higher age, but that doesn't make marrying at 14 against nature.

I do believe that what they are suggesting to do with corpses is vile and against nature, but again, that is really Egypt's problem.

Also, what stops a woman's parents from educating her in Egypt? I think the legislation is only in reference to a public education (to which NO ONE has a right; it is a luxury). Again, this is all for the Egyptians to deal with free of interference, since they are a sovereign state.

Supertradmum said...

By the way, we are now a global community and we give aid to this country--stop aid until democracy is really not hold your breath

Nicole said...

I don't support the notion that Egypt should become a democratic state. Democracy is a perversion of constitutional government, as Aristotle states in his fourth book on Politics.

There is nothing wrong with giving aid to Egypt through the Church, I agree with that whole-heartedly...but I would heartily disagree that the US should arrogate to itself any prerogative of military action in Egypt (being a global community does not reduce the sovereignty of any singular state). :)