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Thursday, 19 April 2012

How to learn not to think, or, why were most Catholics sleeping while their children were being indoctrinated?

Bismarck in Germany, Croce in Italy (according to some), Dewey in America, Lenin in Russia (although he never wrote an article on pedagogy), Rousseau in France, and many others, changed the education systems to the new liberalism, which was both atheistic and humanistic in nature.  That the State could determine what a "good citizen" would study, was the agenda of the military strategist or the philosophical pragmatist, who denied the spiritual soul and the life of religion in the cultural, social and political sphere.

We see the results in all the countries of the world, and I burst out laughing when an Englishman, who is a teacher, complained that the Finnish system was successful because it is socialist. The British system has failed because it is socialist.j If Ronald Reagan had succeeded in either reining in or destroying the federal Department of Education, we would not be in quite the mess we are as a Nation.

But, as St. Anselm knew, whose feast day is coming up next week, an educated clergy needed Classical Education; that is the study of the greatest minds of the Classical World,  along with religion, philosophy, logic, astronomy, grammar, history, even manners. He invented a system of Classical Education spread through-out the world by the Benedictines until recent times, when they, too, feel into the trap of Bismarckian "gymnasium" and not the "academy".

The Trivium and Quadrivium are not merely quaint educational methodologies, but the basis for Western Education. Without a philosophy of education which is rooted in the soul and spirit of humankind, which has a goal of eternal Truth and Life, education becomes a tool in the hand of those in power, creating a lackluster citizenry easy to overpower. Classical Education created thinkers, a real threat to those who idolize the State.

This is the new slavery and we see it now. Children cannot take control of their own destinies, nor make choices for noble causes, unless they are exceptionally holy. Adults in the West have become mere emotional responders to whatever crisis is at hand, be it economic or social.

The syndicalists, anarchists, communists and socialists have won in many countries in Europe. Watch the elections in France...

Almost ninety years ago, Gramsci wrote the phrase, "the crisis of the West". How is it that Catholics, who created Western Civilization in the Greco-Roman tradition, along with Revelation and the Tradition of the Catholic Church, missed this crisis?

It has been a long time brewing....


Bill Meyer said...

I was thrilled last week to hear in the homily that Catholics do a fine job with fellowship, but not with studying and knowing their faith.

I will try to sit down with that priest to discuss my own view: that Catholics wrongly or badly catechized because of the willful disregard of Church teaching by their catechists can hardly be expected even to know that they do not know. That is not an excuse, but it is a reason, not only for their ignorance, but for their failure to rectify the ignorance.

I have become a devoted follower of the late Msgr. Wrenn, whose books on the catechetical disasters of our post-conciliar times are superb.

Supertradmum said...

Helpful comment. We must pray and hope the next generation of priests take more interest in catechesis.

Bill Meyer said...

We do need the next generation of priests to be more committed to catechesis, but I see no reason not to push those now in power. ;)

I'm curious, too, about the book DOA: The Ambush of the Universal Catechism, by Catholicus. I am deeply suspicious that this may also have come from the pen of Msgr. Wrenn. It makes reference to his first volume: Catechisms and Controversies: Religious Education in the Postconciliar Years, and is in turn referenced by his second volume: Flawed Expectations.

Would love to have been a fly on the wall....

Anonymous said...

Yes, out of the current mindlessness and juvenalia will emerge either a ferocious internal conflict (in many countries across the West) or a totalitarian state (perhaps to quell the aforesaid conflicts). Like many people, my bet is on the demographic time-bomb that will go off in 10-15 years. The social safety net for the retired boomers will be shredded, and the West will experience persistent negative GDP, finally resulting in widespread sovereign defaults. Chronic civil unrest will follow once the state is no longer able to effectively support/bribe the vast number of idle/aimless young men and women.

On a positive note, the Lord will continue to increase His already phenomenal graces for the remnant He has taken to Himself, and you will marvel at some of the things you see and experience. You'll barely be able to remember the bad old days when you had to write blogposts reminding people of the dangers of dubious private revelations and the wolves who peddle them.