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Friday, 20 April 2012

I am so happy...

I am finally on Fr. Z's bloglist. Sigh. Now, if I could only earn a gold star once on his blog. But, I do not have the right kind of a sense of humor, or the brilliance of many of his stalwart followers. One can dream.


Clare said...


I found your blog a while back through your comments at WDTPRS and have learned a great deal. I have faith that the knowledge and wisdom you possess can be channeled into the wit necessary to achieve receiving that coveted gold star one day. Your comments there sometimes exhibit a well honed dry sense of humor. You've got it in you!

OT Question: Which book, written by Fr. Gabriel OCD, were you referring to in your posts not too long ago?

Clare OCDS in Indiana

Supertradmum said...

Welcome, Clare. I think I posted that on the article on Fr. Gabriel recently in response to another request. Check out the comments on the bottom-just click on comments and it will come up. I went to Notre Dame, so I do know some parts of Indiana. I have great memories. God bless your vocation.

plemmen said...

A very nice blog you have here! I'm glad you made it to Fr. Z's bloglist, I shan't I imagine! Just wanted to thank you for the very nice comment on my explanation of Chastity and Poverty (Obedience is implied and a necessity for the other two to make sense and to glorify the Religious under such vows.
Keep commenting, persistence pays off, you'll get your gold star yet!