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Friday, 25 May 2012

Are you part of the New or Old Evangelization?

A few days ago, I put two maps on this blog of places where Christians and Catholics live. Here is another map of the weather this weekend. Any connection? If we are hot about the Faith, if we love God and that love of God spills over into our daily lives, we are part of the New Evangelization, which is really the old one. Like spreading the fire of love of the INDWELLING OF THE HOLY SPIRIT, which we have from baptism and confirmation, the heat wave spreads and spreads.

I consider the rosary as part of the Old Evangelization. If we all were faithful to saying our rosaries daily for those who need to convert, what a different world this would be. 

Yesterday, in my long travels, I  lost my beautiful rosary in one of the several train stations through which I passed yesterday. You'all pray I can get another one. The one I have left is a glow-in-the-dark rosary I have had for a very long time. The other one was a high class rosary. It had red beads and was very beautiful. I pray that the person who finds it uses it with love. I would think that finding a rosary in Euston, or Birmingham New Street, or the other three country stations I have been in, would be impossible. Say the rosary for our young female Islamic girls whom we meet. Some of the most polite and sweetest young ladies I have met here in England are young Muslim girls. God bless them and protect them. There is the New Evangelization and the Old Evangelization.

I think, and some of you may disagree with me, that manners, politeness, not becoming angry at difficult people (especially on crowded trains), spreading joy and love instead of negativity, praising when it is due, especially to young people who have done something in the Faith, and the small everyday peace we can choose to exude, are all part of the Old Evangelization. I firmly believe that manners, for example, a lost art, were created not merely for social interaction but out of the concept of the common dignity of human beings. To be a Christian, is to be gentle and peaceful. This state of being, of course, demands daily conversion and purification within our souls.

I do both the New and the Old Evangelization. The New Evangelization could be praying outside of abortion clinics, real, true catechesis, and being open about one's Faith in the market place, setting up Catholic schools which really are Catholic, home schooling.

We are all, by our baptismal graces, called to evangelize. This call is not an option, but not all of us are warriors. Some are Joan of Arcs, some Little Flowers, some Zitas in the kitchen.

We must all accept our place in the Kingdom of God.

Hope some of you can stay cool in body this weekend, but hot in the Faith. The British do not believe in air conditioning.....and it is hot here as well. Amazing!