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Friday, 4 May 2012

Frustration at Blindness of Catholic Voters

I am in the throes of disbelief this morning at the British elections. First of all, only 32% of the population who could have voted did. The other 68% will use their democracy if this continues. Labour won seats in the local elections, even in supposedly Catholic areas. This is again the problem of Catholics supporting socialist doctrines and even anti-life positions. I do not know how to convert the hearts of hard-core unionists to Catholic social teaching. I do not know what to do to separate labor needs as perceived, as many are just resting in a gospel of greed, from socialism.


JonathanCatholic said...

The situation is just as dire for us in the States. Fifty-one percent of self-professed Roman Catholics support Barack Obama for reelection, and that number is most likely low, since many of the ones who do not support him now will probably vote for him anyway when push comes to shove and the pressure is one.

About the near 70% losing their democracy, all I have are two sayings:

"Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it," and,

"Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty."

Amazing that at the heartbeat of the Magna Carta and the core of Western Legal Tradition that ultimately became the common sensical doctrines of United States common law that protect the People, nearly 70% scoff at the rights which so many have shed their blood to provide vest themselves with, and give to their children. God have mercy on us all, it's just another indication of the sorry state the West is in.

Supertradmum said...

My, you are up early. God bless you. You should apply for an apprenticeship with the Acton Institute, unless you have other plans.

JonathanCatholic said...

Early to bed, early to rise, and all that ;)

My, I hadn't heard of them until just now! Scanning their website, the institute seems excellent. What exactly does an apprenticeship entail with them?

Supertradmum said...

Phone them up and find out...You fit the bill, I think. God bless.

Roger Buck said...


You sound surprised that Labour would triumph in Catholic areas in Britain.

I think if you knew more of the history of this country, it would not surprise you.

Just like the Catholic vote in America always used to be Democratic, so too I think with Labour in Britain.

The heartland of British Catholicism has always been Liverpool, from where I write these words ...

Liverpool which is astonishingly Catholic ...

Unlike anything else in England, largely due to massive Irish immigration.

Nominally at least 40 per cent here - as opposed to perhaps 5 per cent in the rest of England when you take Merseyside out ...

Unlike anything else in England, largely due to massive Irish immigration.

And Liverpool has been a great Labour stronghold for decades now.

I doubt it has voted Conservative in living memory ...

Even when this place was brimming with pre-Vatican II energy - nearly built what would have been the biggest Catholic cathedrals in the world, largely from poor working class contributions ... would have been glorious

The people here did not vote Tory.

Supertradmum said...

So sad, as the socialist agenda is not even hidden in the Labour movement. Most of the Catholics I know vote Tory.

How can we teach Catholics the truth about socialism, which will not only destroy the Church from within, but Western Civilization? I hope you read my three posts yesterday and earlier on this point...Thanks for the comment