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Thursday, 3 May 2012

One Cannot be a True Socialist and a Catholic

OK, I know that Faith is a gift and that wanting to understand the teachings of the Church is also a grace. However, I am still trying to convince some acquaintances and friends as to the fact that one CANNOT be a true socialist and a Catholic. Those who are strong republicans, as in republic, not GOP, fall into these common logical fallacies regarding socialism. Here are a few bullets, which I hope help those who are either confused, or worse, working for socialist parties. This is not an exhaustive list. I have typed this list many times, and the Internet has gone down and destroyed my work several times. I am trying to rewrite these important points.There are twenty points. I shall write out ten and then another ten.

One: socialism is based on the false idea of a kingdom of man on earth, normally called utopianism. This false ideal denies Original Sin.

Two: socialism assumes that God does want all people to live in an equal status. We are not equal in property, money, assets, by God's Will.

Three: socialism teaches that property and assets belong to the State and that the State can appropriate private property. Not so, several Popes have stated that the Church supports private property.

Four: socialism destroys personal initiative. Obviously. Without personal goals, even material ones, people do not strive for excellence.

Five: socialism states that the individual person is only materialistic and that all goals of a government are for material welfare, denying the soul and the ultimate goal of eternal life.

Six: personal charity is the rule of the Church, not governmental charity. It is the duty of every Catholic to personally help those in whatever need and not assign charity to governmental projects, programs, etc.

Seven: socialism denies that the family is the center of social life. The State becomes the central focus of life and the family rights and privileges become subservient to the State. This leads to legislation regarding family planning, education, abortion and so on.

Eight: socialism is utilitarian (which is connected to the utopian ideal) and the weak and the vulnerable are no longer considered important if they cannot support the State. This may seem opposite to the ideal that the State wants to create a society of dependence, the next point, but the two are both held as ideals.

Nine: socialism creates an underclass of those completely dependent of the State, which is a type of slavery. As these people totally depend on the State for all their needs, they will not be critical of the State.

Ten: socialism creates its own elite, while hating and undermining other hierarchies, such as the Church, which it sees as a threat to its materialistic gospel.

To be continued.....