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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

A Rose for My Readers

As I am thinking of St. Therese and her family today, praying for their intercession, I thought I would write about my favorite rose. I love the blue rose. Some of you may have noticed this. There is only one natural, albeit, formed by man, blue rose, the Applause, seen here  which was developed in Japan, and finally on sale last November in America. It is really lavender but considered blue. Lavender is the color of romance and love, but the blue rose has many, varied meanings.

I love this rose, and also those which are made to be dark blue. However, the dark blue rose has mysterious origins, as some historians state that there was such a rose in the Medieval Period in the Far East.

I repeat an ancient love tale of a princess who could not decide whom to marry. She decided that whosoever would bring her a blue rose would be her husband. The first man to come was a king, who had a rose made out of sapphire. The young princess saw this as hard and cold, and believed it revealed his cold and hard heart, that he wanted to marry her only for her riches. She said no.

A nobleman came with a rose which has been dyed through its stem, and the young woman saw this as deceitful, like the heart of the man who gave it to her. She said no.

Another prince had a fragile, porcelain bowl made with a rose embellished on the side of it, an intricate blue rose. This was not real, and the princess saw that his love was not real, but that he only wanted power and status, not her love.

Finally, the young gardener of the palace, a young man who had been the friend and confidant of this princess all her life, brought her a white rose. He came into the palace room where the court waited and held the rose up to a blue glass window. The sun's rays made the white rose blue, and the princess discovered her true heart was his heart-simplicity and truth, nature and beauty. She and the gardener were married and lived happily ever after. As there was no blue rose, only those with the eyes of love could find one.

But, now, there is Applause, and those dark blue ones which are made by humans. The blue rose represents mystery, desiring the unattainable, spirituality, adventure, and love at first sight. May St. Therese give you a rose today of any color. St. Therese, pray for us.