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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Blessed Are the Peacemakers....

A historic event happened in Enniskillen yesterday. The Queen visited inside a Catholic Church for the first time ever. Now, I remember the Remembrance Day bombing extremely well, as I was living in England at the time, and was as shocked as most people were at the violence. The day before yesterday, the Queen shook hands with the man many think was behind the bombing, former IRA commander Martin McGuinness. Feelings still are running high, but, as I have said many times on this blog, the Irish on both sides must, must forgive and let go of violence. 

The Archbishop Primate of the Catholic Church over both Ireland and Northern Ireland, Sean Brady,  met the Queen as well. Watch the video on the above site, and here, and also read the comments from readers. The hate is too obvious. When will this hate ever be set aside? One cannot go into heaven with hate on one's heart.

And for those who state I have no right to comment so much on this, let me remind the skeptic that four people in my family were sexually abused by a priest for years and years when they were little children. These children grew up and never left the Church, raised their children Catholic, are still Catholic, and forgave all involved, including the nuns who did not believe them. These four never sued anyone. Heroic virtue...

Some are called to heroic virtue. I suggest the Irish forgive, forget, move on into the light of Christ, Who died for all of our sins.