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Thursday, 28 June 2012

The First Mass of Father Hunwicke at the Brompton Oratory

Picture taken by Transalpine Redemptorist--I am the woman farthest away from the camera

The side chapel to Our Lady Mary at the Brompton Oratory, under the title of Our Lady of Victory, was the venue of Father John Hunwicke's first Mass as  the newest priest in the Ordinariate. The Latin Low Mass brought about 45 people to celebrate with Father on this glorious day. Afterwards, we lined up at the main altar rail for his first blessings.

I am struck with the respect and honor this particular priest has for the Mass of the Ages. I wish I knew something about his vestments, as the chasuble looked like a  mille-fleur  tapestry. One of the Fathers of the Transalpine Redemptorists took photos, so I suggest you check out that site later, and also for photos of the Ordination in Oxford last night. I do not take photos. These photos of today's Mass may show up on the New Liturgical Movement site first.

One interesting comment was that the First Mass looked like a mini-blog convention, with three bloggers from the Ordinariate present (not counting Father John Hunwicke), and at least four other bloggers. I attribute the interest in that bloggers in Great Britain are more traddy and more intelligent than most....(tongue in cheek). Father was inside when the Royal Airforce did a V-shaped flyover. I am sure it was for him (smile).

May God bless Father Hunwicke and all the Ordinariates, who, by the way, if you have need of a charity, is greatly, greatly in need of funds for families, housing, etc. There is a donate button on the Ordinariate Portal site, found here: