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Friday, 8 June 2012

On Private Revelations, Eight

A saint is not canonized because of revelations, but because of personal holiness. All parts of revelations are not true. A distinction between private revelations and sainthood must be seen, even by those who have a hard time discerning the difference.

One of the problems with my friends who are into private revelations is that they base 50% or more of their spirituality on such private visions or elocutions. This is dangerous. As in the last post, I quote EWTN on the importance of following public revelation, that is that in the Bible, as that of private revelation. The rules are simple-does the revelation conform to Catholic teaching which already exists, and do the revelations support doctrines and dogmas of the Church. If not, these are false in part, if not in essence.

One must think like a Catholic and not like a Protestant--a theme of this blog. I have several previous posts on this topic, including one here--

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Here is second EWTN note on the subject.

It is not spiritually good to center one's life around private
revelations. They are good when approved, and may be used, but the core is
in public revelation, especially some of the things just mentioned.
Really, the essence of spirituality is conformity of my will to the will
of God--for the only free thing in me is my free will. If I could make it
match exactly the will of God, nothing more need be done. To develop this
takes time and effort, more than just one nice prayer. 

There is much room for error in private revelations, even when they are
given to Saints (cf. file on discernment of spirits). Canonization of a
Saint does not at all guarantee the truth of alleged private revelations.
St. Catherine of Siena seems to have claimed Our Lady appeared to her and
denied the Immaculate Conception.

My advice to is be patient and wait for Holy Mother Church to examine revelations and apparitions. We have so much to study and read and use for prayer, that the plethora of such revelations at this time are not necessary.