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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Please take part in the poll

I have a poll for a post today, so please take part in it.

I am interested in the demographics of my readers, if you do not mind.

The poll is on the right side-bar.

God bless.


ellen said...

I answered your poll as just "female", because although I am at retirement age (68 years), I don't feel retired. I home schooled 7 of my 8 living children for over 25 years and now I spend my time either mucking horse stalls or babysitting 2 of my 15 grandchildren. Some days I do both:) I like your blog because it is the same "brand" of Catholicism with which I was raised and it strengthens my faith. God bless.

Supertradmum said...

ellen, you are the real supertradmum, wow. God bless you as well. I love horses (never had any) and kids (God gave me one, who I have given back to Him), and I am an ex-homeschooling mum.

Ramona said...

This seems like an appropriate place to introduce myself. I am a stay-at-home, home-schooling mom of four in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Our family is an active part of the FSSP apostalate here. I've been following your blog for about 6 months, and I want to say thank-you. You are well-read and articulate. You have a way of conveying the "meat" of our faith instead of the "fluff" which many other blogs focus on. You have a much more global focus than most, and in my rather worthless opinion you are spot-on.

In particular I have used your entries relating to the danger of following private revelations to dear friends of mine. After years of saying the same message as you I forwarded links to your entries and received an immediate response back of "wow, so this is really dangerous stuff," to which I replied "yes, I believe it is". A fruitful discussion then ensued. I've always been blown off for my opinion before. I thank you, I have been hounded by many friends to follow most of the common seers out there and feel like I'm the only one at times who refuses to get pulled in to them. Truly I wish I could post your entries in paper form on our bulletin board at church!

Many of your other entries have affected me or just gotten of silent cheer of approval from me. Thank-you again, I feel if we had the chance to meet in person someday there would be much common ground.

You have a friend in Canada.

Your reward will be great in Heaven!

Supertradmum said...

Ramona, Welcome to the blog, and the world is so small, as in 2000-2001, I lived in Calgary, then, later, moved up north. I home schooled, and went to the same FSSP parish, I assume, as you are attending. Father Robert Novokowsky was there when we were and greatly influenced my son in his vocation. The Catholic world is so small. God bless you, and keep up the good work as a supertradmum in your family. There are so many wonderful people in our Church.

As to the postings on the seers, I am so glad there has been a positive response. This has not been the case when I have tried to point things like this out to some in person here in England. We need to pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ to have discernment, based on the teachings of the wonderful Church to which we belong. God bless you and yours.

Henry said...

"I lived in Calgary, then, later, moved up north."

(From the southern U.S.) There are human beings actually living in places further north than Calgary?

Supertradmum said...

Dear Henry E., Yes, there are life forms in northern Alberta. I loved it up there and was part of the best parish I ever attended-the Catholic Byzantine Church of St. Olga's.

Mary Kay said...

I can't access the poll from my phone. I'll try later. I'm a working Nana (nurse) with 2 grown home-schooled sons & 5 grand babies. I recently found your site & quite enjoy it. I live near the very liberal Portland, OR, US.