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Sunday, 1 July 2012

Again on private revelations. Does it matter what Mary wore as a child?

I am exceeding my postings and setting a record because of the computer problem. Seize the day--I am a teacher at heart and my heart is troubled again by the number of older adult, ignorant Catholics I have met recently.

I am concerned.

I am writing again, as I have many times on this blog, on private revelations. I am very concerned about the fact of the current preoccupation with such.

Many, many people I have met from GB, Ireland, and other European countries, have never read the Catechism of the Catholic Church. They do not even know the Compendium exists, but they run after and pay for books on private revelations like chasing after fads. Private revelation has become an industry of book selling, dvds, speakers and other items.

This is dangerous and deceitful. If one is not grounded in one's Faith as an adult, how can one discern what is true and what is false? Someone said to me yesterday that she is reading a mystic approved by Cardinal Ratzinger. I was pleased. But that same person has never read the CCC and has poor grounding in the encyclicals, the Liturgy, and the Bible.

That private revelations become a preoccupation for many is a serious problem in the Catholic Church. Private revelations will not save us. The sacramental life of the Church and the Teaching Magisterium's decrees form the rock, the solid basis for our Faith.

The root of the problem exists in pride. I am sorry to say this, but those who run after private revelations want to be part of a small group of special people who seem to be holier than others.

Those who follow the mainstream teachings of the Church cannot be seen as "sincere" or "holy".

Wrong. Faith and Reason are the pillars of our own personal way to God. If a private revelation is approved, it should not be the center of our Faith.

Look at how much time you personally give to private revelations. If it is more time than reading the Scriptures, encyclicals or the CCC, something is wrong.

Not all who follow private revelations are holy and not all are "mystics".

The path of private revelations is strewn with many dangers, none the least, self-deception. One area of self-deception is the pursuit of experience, rather than reason, and the emphasis on emotions, rather than doctrine. I know people who follow private revelations daily who disagree with the Church's teaching on civil unions, contraception, marriage, and who do not understand most sacramental theology. They are not interested in reading the real deal....I even had two women tell me recently that they prefer this mystic to another, and they disagreed, because of how these people described what Mary wore as a child. This is ridiculous and time-consuming. These same people may not be able to tell you what the dogmas concerning Mary really state, nor the long Tradition of Marian devotion which is based on the Scriptures and the Fathers of the Church. Mystics are not infallible, even with approval from a bishop or Rome. Only the Pope, in dictating on issues of Faith and Morals is infallible.

Go back to the basics, be humble, pray, learn, read, discern. for photo

One does not need private revelations. One needs the true teaching of the Catholic Church

PS A commentator gave me this information on the Compendium--on sale at CTS-check out the website at this link.