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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Follow-up Two on Being Single

Many people have responded to the "being single post". I am sorry, but I posted a few days ago that I shall not published anonymous comments anymore. My reasons were given.

As to the post, I must remind all that the statistics for single households reflects an unnatural trend. If one reads carefully the posts, on sees the numbers from a census-type study in Great Britain a few years ago which found one/third of the households led by singles. This is not normal for a society and will not lead to replacement of the population. This and similar trends in America indicate dysfunction in a culture.

I am always writing primarily for those who are discerning, and for many young people. If one is older and has had circumstances in one's life, as I have, which have led one to the single life, I think a person can sort out the difference. I am single and have been living singly since my son left home. However, I do not think this is normal, either, and consider myself one of those who have not been allowed to follow a vocation for several reasons.

In these times, there is a lack of objectivity among writers and readers which is a sad commentary on their inability to think and reflect. This is a result of our education system which has not trained people in logic and critical thinking. If one reacts subjectively and painfully to comments, this may reveal a need for healing and discernment. Those are good and lofty goals, which must be pursued through spiritual directors, confessors, and good, orthodox psychologists. I thank God when He shows me such.

I pray for all but I encourage, especially Gen X and the Millennials, to make commitments to something. Holiness demands relationships. Our own Mother Mary, who gave Life to the world, was placed in a family, which is part of the plan of God and not merely a custom of the culture. She needed protection and so did the Child Christ. God bless all my readers and commentators, even the anonymous ones. Try and come up with post names, please.