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Monday, 16 July 2012

The New Racism

Some brave journalists have referred to the increasing racism in America and in England from the Blacks and other minority groups. The mainstream media refuses to admit that POTUS has done more to undermine unity and has actually stirred up racial hatred because of language and ideals of "blackness" or being a minority.

Why does a life-style denote color, or why should color denote a life-style?

That culture and education cross racial lines was a given until recently. Here are some characteristics I have spotted in the press coming either from journalists, as in Standpoint, or in American political comments from Congressmen.

One) If one sends one's minority children to private schools, that Black person is no longer black, but "white".

Answer) Are not private schools available to all and, as I know from experience, are not scholarships available? Look at Notre Dame.

Two) If one goes to a concert or a black-tie dinner, one is no longer Black but white/

Answer) Some of the richest people in the world are of color. What has money to do with race?

Three) Professional sports persons are increasingly from private schools and this shows that Blacks have become whites.

Answer) No, it shows that parents who care about their kids education, even in sport, sacrifice to send them to the best schools for either sport or academics. Sacrifice is a good thing for parents to do.

Four) Blacks are "white" who are Republicans or Tories.

Answer) This is stating that one does not have the freedom to follow a political party of one's choice. That is another definition of slavery. And, in my opinion and that of Star Parker, the Dems and all other socialist parties create a new slavery through poverty programs that merely keep people on the dole or food-stamps instead of encouraging independence and self-fulfillment. If one is getting and not giving, one is emotionally still a child.

Five) One must never learn correct English as it is a sell out to the whites.

Answer) Language transcends color. If you are still rebelling over the British Empire, get over it. It ended a long time ago.

Six) If a Black becomes a Catholic he is no longer Black

Answer) The Catholic Church is the most universal of all....

For Europeans and newbies, an "oreo" is a racist tag for Blacks who are black outside but white inside. Obviously, a racist term around at least for forty years in the States.