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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

On the sexualization of our children

A dear friend of mine from California and I had a long discussion on the sexualization of children. The entire society of the West has turned a horrible corner into darkness regarding children and sex.

The EU and some Muslim countries want to lower the age of sexual consent to twelve. Some groups in the States have been politically working on this as well. But the most obvious area of sexualization is in the clothing industry. In America and in England for several years now, clothes which would have been termed "slutty" or "sexy" are being manufactured and sold to very young girls, as early as six.

Even clothes of older women, and my friend is seventy but extremely attractive, are now immodest and sexy.

What has happened is that those in charge of fashion have an agenda-sorry, this is true. If one looks at the pushing of the limits on clot'hing and tries to find modest fashions in most ordinary stores, one can be shocked Victoria Secrets are no longer secret and have sifted down to WalMart and higher end stores.

I gave up shopping at some stores years ago and could give a list of those which push sexy, immodest and trollops' clothes for all ages of women.

Many of my friends shop at Talbots, as the clothes there tend to be modest and not provocative.

But, mothers are to blame for how their girls dress.      

We Catholic women need to stop the sexualization of our children and grandchildren. Please pay attention. Pray to Mary Our Mother and Our Queen.


Mike Cliffson said...

Pageants:avoid, fight, beware.

inara said...

Agenda? You betcha:
"in order to destroy Catholicism, it is necessary to commence by suppressing woman...but since we cannot suppress woman, let us corrupt her."
"We may use a pretext, such as sport, hygiene, health resorts...To avoid too much reaction, one would have to progress in a methodical manner: first, undress up to the elbow; then up to the knees; then arms and legs completely uncovered; later, the upper part of the chest, the shoulders, etc."
Both quotes are from Masonic materials from the 19th & 20th centuries.

New Sister said...

Second-hand shops are about the only place to get clothes for girls.

I wish my generation had been taught how to sew.