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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Pray for our brothers, sisters, priests in Cairo

Sometimes, we hear about persecuted Catholics in the Middle East, and now in Egypt more and more, and because these dear people do not have a "face", we do not think to pray or help them monetarily. Look, think, pray, help.

Notice in this Church of the Sacred Heart, in Sakakini, near Cairo, a copy of the famous Batoni painting is there which is in the Gesu in Rome, in the Church of the Circumcision in Valletta, in the Maryvale Chapel in England, and on my blog. We are all in the Heart of Jesus. We are connected. We are One is Christ, through Mary, Our Mother.

There are no coincidences in God.

The Comboni Missionaries, who help out in a parish in London where I sometimes go to Mass, have two parishes in Cairo, as well as others in Egypt, Asia, Latin America. These are dangerous times, and the priests who learn Arabic, as it is a missionary order with young men from Mexico and other places around the world, work there knowing the power of the Holy Spirit in their lives.

I met one such young priest, Father Alberto Sanchez recently. He is from Mexico, but works in a parish in Cairo. The  parishes in that city run by the Comboni Missionaries are St. Joseph Zamalek Catholic Church, (originally founded when the Mahdi took over the Sudan and Christians had to leave--remember the movie "Khartoum"--St. Daniel Comboni was there) and Sacred Heart in Sakakini-photo above and below. The bottom photo is the Comboni Church in Aswan.

Remember that how Egypt goes, goes Africa....

I asked Father Alberto for a blessing and I felt like I was being blessed by a future martyr. The list of Comboni Missionaries murdered for the Faith may be found at this link.

The order was started by St. Daniel Comboni, and his biography is here.

I think if we see people and places, we connect. Please pray for Father Alberto Sanchez, his parish, his family. He is very young, dynamic, peaceful.

Remember that how Egypt goes, goes Africa....