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Sunday, 5 August 2012

A Wedding Speech Snippet

Can you imagine your father giving this speech at your wedding reception-a pro-life, pro-family, pro-Catholic teaching talk to all there? A friend of mine shared this with me and I pass it on. The is just a snippet. What a great witness to the Faith this Father gave to his family and daughter on her and his day.

Blessed Karl of Austria and His Wife, Zita
Permit me to use [this occasion] to reflect upon some immutable truths (the truth being synonymous with reality), truths that insist marriage be recognized as the fundamental institution of human society, by which a man and a woman - and only the one with the other - mutually give themselves to each other for the purpose of perpetuating life and raising children in a stable environment. Any interpretation [of marriage] that differs with this truth, and I weigh my words here, is invalid to the point of absurdity. I would even say that it is socially criminal to deviate in any way from this definition, because marriage is the foundation of the family, which is the nucleus of any ordered society. To corrupt this definition in any way is equivalent to splitting an atom, unleashing energy of immeasurable destructiveness and carrying terrifying consequences for our civilization.