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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Any happy animal stories? Here is a sad one....

What would Fr. Z. say to this...?

Well, the little squirrel died of stress. I can understand that. But, a good effort none the less.. Sad animal you have a happy animal story to share?

Olive oil used to rescue squirrel
August 06, 2012 15:36 GMT
BERLIN (AP) -- A squirrel with olive oil? For police in northern Germany, that was a winning combination to free an animal trapped in a manhole cover.
Police spokeswoman Kathrin Feyerabend said Monday a woman on the outskirts of Hannover discovered the red squirrel Sunday after hearing its cries.
Its head was poking up above ground through a hole in a manhole cover, its body dangling beneath.
After unsuccessfully trying to push the head back through gently, police officers removed the cover and rubbed olive oil around the squirrel's neck.
Holding back its small tufted ears, they were able to successfully release it.
But Feyerabend says the happy ending was short lived -- the squirrel died several hours later, likely from stress.


bevc said...

The happiness in this story is that the woman did not pass the little squirrel by without helping. The police did not brush the woman off with "it's only a squirrel and not worth the effort" as their excuse.

I have volunteered for an animal shelter in the past and worked briefly for a veterinarian when I was in college. I know how much intentional cruelty and ignorant negligent behavior there is out there towards our fellow members of God's creation. I am sorry the little fellow died. Yet, the happiness lies in the fact that this German woman and the police officer recognized God's handiwork in this little creature and tried to help.

Supertradmum said...

We have several rescue cat stories which are, thankfully, hilarious involving my own cats. All came out well... But, that would be for another time.