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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

In Thanksgiving for the English Robin: A Little Note on a Little Bird

Many years ago, the English Robin was considered a "winter bird", as it went somewhere else in the heat.

Now, these little birds are everywhere, even in London. One sang and is still singing from early this morning outside my window. They like shrubberies and hedgerows. .

These little creatures are "cheeky" and one of my favorite birds. Here are some photos from other nature blogs of this bird.

 Contrary to some comments online, these birds are very visible during the day and sing from early morning to night. I have seen them since January, in Ireland, and these little yet loud birds have been obvious in London, Kent, Sussex, Dorset, Somerset, Surrey and Norfolk this year. Thank God for the English Robin, also known as the European Robin,  and one must be fair!