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Saturday, 4 August 2012

The Good Old Boys and Girls and Chick-Fil-A

Bill Barrow in an Associated Press article yesterday had a great comment on how the civil-marriage thing is not merely what it seems to be regarding the Chick-fil-A reaction. And, I agree with his premise that part of this is a "North-South divide" perspective in the States. He writes from Atlanta and his article is found on this Houston news site-

Now, I come from a state which use to be conservative, but is now not so, especially after a judge okay-ed same-sex marriages. Iowa is not typical of the Midwest for many reasons. Iowa City has the highest number of abortions of any city in the United States per capita. Go figure. Part of this has been the weakness of Protestantism, with over 80% of the population being at least nominally Protestant. Part of it has to do with years of weak and even criminal bishops in the Catholic Church. That is another post.

Sadly, some of the most liberal and heretical areas are Catholic in name only, such as Boston, Massachusetts, which has gay marriage, and of course, New York.

But the North-South divide in America is real. I lived in Missouri and my mother is from St. Louis. Missouri has one of the great pro-life organizations in all of the States. People believe in the Ten Commandments. Even Protestant youth I met there and some Protestant neighbors never would agree with same-sex unions. It is not Biblical.

What has happened in the States is that the real Evangelical Christians and many Catholics who are traddies are from the South. There are historical reasons for this. But, the fact that places like Chicago, Boston, New York and Washington are so liberal, and I mean in the Catholic world, is shocking and horrible to us little old Midwest and Southern types.

Make no mistake, but the evils of compromise are rife on the East and West coasts. I have several friends with families who have been able to leave places like California and New York in order to raise their children in real Catholic environments, with real Catholic culture more inland.

City people vs. country people is not exactly what I mean here at all. But, the keeping of Bible Christianity and the strength of my friends from the South who are Catholic seems to indicate that something else happened in these states. I do not include the Bay Area of Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia and Alabama, which has a completely different culture, sadly weakened by the occult and poor catechesis.

But, I think the snobbery of the mayor of Boston and our own president has to do with looking down on the people of the good old Bible belt.

And here is another good article for thought.