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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Blasphemy and Dangerous

Playing at the DNC Convention. This is horrible. Government? WE belong to? No. Government is the servant of the people and of God. What about the family as the root of all society? This is socialist propaganda not so pure, but simple.

But guess who said this in 1919? Gramsci. Are you surprised? A society does not exist if not in a State, which is the source and the end of all law and of all duty, which is the guarantee of permanence and of the success of every social activity. The proletarian revolution is such when it gives life to a typically proletarian State, keeper of proletarian law, which develops its essential functions as emanation of proletarian life and power. L'Ordine Nuovo, 7 June 1919;

I belong to God.

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