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Thursday, 20 September 2012

No Catholic Vote Among Latinos

Romney is behind Obama in Latino polls. In the last poll. Obama is ahead among registered Latino voters – 68% to 26%. This is the tally from impreMedia and Latino Decisions from September 17th. 

Therefore, there is no Catholic vote among the Latinos. How can they support this anti-life president? The pro-life message has fallen on deaf ears. I would like all the Hispanic priests in my old diocese to explain what they are doing to help their parishioners understand that to vote for such a man with the anti-life record and statements for civil unions is to support ideals which are positions against their religion.

But, maybe Latinos are not Catholic any more. 
Why is the Latino community supporting civil unions?

I would like comments from Hispanic Catholics.


El Gato said...

As A Catholic of Mexican origin I see this as a mainly two part problem:
(I started out living in Los Angeles, my parents immigrated from Mexico in the 1960s and 70s)

1. Republicans have been demonized as being anti-Hispanic by the left because of their willingness to confront illegal immigration.

2. Most of the clergy in my experience were willing to embrace the supposed "social justice" themes of leftist politicians while overlooking the materialist, anti-life agenda of those same groups. When the message shifted to be more openly radical, the voters stayed with the leftist politicians.

Even my own family who had several individuals that crossed illegally. They knew what they were doing was in violation of the law and did not complain when they were caught. I think in many ways the left has created greater racism and confusion among traditional Catholics of Latin American origin.

I thank God that the I have left that materialistic part of America but I pray for the souls of those who have apostatized.

God Bless You!


AKA El Gato

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Supertradmum said...

El Gato, Excellent comment. Glad you are a cat person.