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Sunday, 23 September 2012

The Treasures of Mary, Our Queen and Our Mother

A priest once told me that to examine one’s spiritual life is like ripping a plant out of the ground to look at the roots.

This is good advice, but incomplete.

Reflection is necessary and a good examination of conscience is an excellent start.

However, one’s spiritual life is about a relationship with God.

There is nothing wrong with examining a relationship. But, merely concentrating on sin or imperfections is not enough.

One may ask these questions.

What are the priorities of my life?

What do I spend the most time on in my thinking?

On what do I spend most of my money? If I have money, do I give to charity and tithe?

Do I remember that Faith and Works go together? ( Remember one of the readings last week.)

How am I living like Christ?

How am I thinking like Christ?

How do I conform my life to the life of the Church?

Is my love for others real or self-seeking?

Am I living a counter-cultural life-style; that is one of Catholic identity?

Do I sacrifice at all in some way for God, for others?

Do I love Christ directly?

Do I love the Church?

Love is in the will and the actions of our lives should follow the will and not merely
be reactions to people or events.

Such is the control God gave us in the use of our free wills.

There is nothing we can do without grace.

On November 27th, 1830, St. Catherine Laboure had another vision of the Blessed Virgin Mary. On the Blessed Mary's fingers were many rings and rays of light were coming from some of those rings. Those bright rings represented graces pouring out to those who asked for these.

Other gems were dark and Mary said that these were graces for which no one asked.

Ask for those graces, the graces from the rings of Mary. Do not be afraid.

Today is the feast day of St. Padre Pio. However, the Sunday takes precedence. Pray for us, Padre Pio.