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Thursday, 29 November 2012

Hope this helps those who want to be perfect--to God be the glory

Imagine going out with a friend on a cold winter's morning, and in the conversation, you said one, small lie. You realized it was a lie and went to Confession the next day, where the priest say it was not a lie. But, you knew it was a deceit, and a lack of trust.

Then, in the evening, when you walked into your dining room in the dark, you encountered a Presence so Pure, so Innocent, so Just, that you saw the horrific nature of that one, small lie.

In the room with such Goodness, the tiniest venial sin was an affront to Justice and Mercy, both.

Remorse and repentance immediately were given as graces. One had a glimpse of the Particular Judgement.

In discussions with some friends in Europe, this is an occurrence happening to some Catholics. They are experiencing a bit of their moment of death in order to repent and become perfect.

What they have encountered is Pure Love, and this Love is solid, like a rock, like a mountain, unfathomable and majestic. No one who has experienced this can deny that something unearthly happened. This Love is more real than reality around us.

This is a gift for some to help them understand God's Majesty and Goodness.

We shall condemn ourselves when we die. Christ said He does not condemn. He loves and in that love is our salvation or condemnation. But, now we have the chance to become perfect as the Heavenly Father is perfect.

Do not think this is impossible. With grace, all things are possible. With God, Who is Love, all things are possible. Ask for perfection and you will be led to such a state, if you are willing.

Let your prayer be, "To God be only glory and may my life glorify Him. Let me do nothing which does not glorify His Name on the earth."