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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

To the young and not so young--on debt

If you are in debt, get out of debt. If you are not in debt, do not go into debt. The American government will demand payments for college and university debts. And, those who are debt-ridden will find themselves in greater danger of any independence, politically, in the future.

Some people, even Catholics, have told me that it does not matter if one borrows more money on the edge of a national fiscal melt-down. It does. Just as for years priests have not told youth that getting drunk is a mortal sin, so getting bogged down unnecessarily in debt, in order to live a certain lifestyle, is wrong.

I am not writing about necessities, such as medical expenses, but other things not really needed.

I am concerned about the soul of Catholics burdened by debt. Pray and act responsibly. I am convinced that exorbitant university debts must be avoided. To be in slavery to a government or institution connected to the government is dangerous.

Stop using a credit card. Go to local, community colleges if at all possible. Wait and work first even if the work is menial, as that is honourable as well. I am afraid that people think there will be no consequences for their debts in a complete economic rout. We have to face a Just Judge. Good stewardship is not merely being green or tithing. It is the courage to live a lower lifestyle than one may want. It involves the courage to be poor and seem poor.

Many of decisions on money will be made this week as it is the busiest shopping weekend for Christmas in the States. Pray and talk to your family about expenses. Be honest. Make things. Do something together which is not over-the-top. For your soul and for the greater good, do not go into debt this Christmas.