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Monday, 24 December 2012

A false peace

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Christmas Eve is a time for family gatherings, last minute preparations, and even a mad dash to the stores. On this day, my thoughts are on the sin of Adam and Eve, the reason God became Incarnate...O happy fault, o necessary sin of Adam, as we sing in Holy Week. Adam and Eve were given a choice of simple obedience. They had gifts of knowledge and virtue beyond our understanding. They had a perfection of mind and body we can only imagine. It was not inevitable that they would sin. They did not have the inherited tendency to sin we have. They were not weak in any way. They freely chose rebellion. We do not have to be doomed to their sin because of Christ. He is the Saviour. But, do we want to be saved, and do we daily realize that we can be damned forever? On this eve of Christ's Mass, I am suffering for the loss of leadership, spiritual fatherhood, among priests. The sin of Adam was not sheer rebellion. It was cowardice. If Adam had said no to Eve, humanity would not have fallen into dark chaos. That so many people are in darkness and sin is owing to the cowardice of the clergy. Rather than say no to the sin of the world, too many priests want a quiet, peaceful life of complacency. They believe that souls are won by being nice and not rocking the boat. Adam did not want to cross Eve. He wanted her friendship more than Truth. He wanted her over God not because of sex as some old commentaries claim, but simply because he did not want conflict. Pray for weak priests this many consequences follow their lack of courage to stand up for Truth.