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Sunday, 16 December 2012

A nod to David Jones, today-my favourite painter and poet

A few of his prints which I had in my collection were stolen a few years ago, in 2008....they were never found.

David Jones, "The Storm Tree" 1948
  From The Sleeping Lord....
Do the small black horses
                                        grass on the hunch of his shoulders?
are the hills his couch
                                        or is he the couchant hills?
Are the slumbering valleys
                                        him in slumber
                                        are the still undulations
the still limbs of him sleeping?
Is the configuration of the land
                                        the furrowed body of the lord
are the scarred ridges
                                        his dented greaves
do the trickling gullies
                                        yet drain his hog-wounds?
Does the land wait the sleeping lord
                                        or is the wasted land
that very lord who sleeps? (SL 1974 96)
 David Jones, "The View from Gatwick House, Essex, April"