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Wednesday, 26 December 2012

End of Christmas Day

Marks and Spencers Christmas crackers are the best. We managed to get an entire desk set of crayons, paper, giant clip and other things, as well as golf tees.

The jokes also are better than in other brands.

We played a game called "Call my Bluff" and I won. It is a word game.

Well, Christmas is over for this year and a good time was had by all.

May you all have a great night with friends or family.


New Sister said...

we had crackers last night, too -- they're good fun. Kids were big fans of the crown, little toy & jokes inside.

Anonymous said...

Christmas isn't over - it's just started! There's the Octave, and then Epiphany, and in our house, it even goes on till the Feast of the Presentation! It's so sad that people spend Advent celebrating Christmas, building up to the "Big Day", and then think it's all over, no need to carry on the celebrating, or singing of Carols, which is when they are supposed to be sung, not before the 25th! As a child I loved crackers, but remember a Polish lady I worked with once telling me how she thought the English were so ridiculous, and lacking reverence in the way they celebrated Christmas, with silly crackers and commercialized lights etc. She then told me how they had celebrated Christmas when she was a child, and I must admit, it made me think twice about the way we celebrate. What was odd was that she was now an atheist, and yet she still retained a sense of the depth of the spirituality of her family's celebration of the Feast. I always prayed that that would bring her back to the Church.