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Friday, 28 December 2012

Financial reading between the lines

I have been reading articles on the end of year financial data in Europe regarding unemployment and inflation, as well as new taxes in such countries as France.

What is interesting is the false cause and effect of so many of these articles.

The call of Mr. BĂ©harel for youth and parents to think of blue collar jobs rather than white collar jobs is a joke when businesses which are blue collar are closing at an alarming rate.

The connection between the lack of the youth workforce, owing to years of contraception and abortion, and the aging groups needing socialist care is overlooked entirely. A top heavy population of older persons and the years of selective birthing is never mentioned by these pundits. Bad decisions regarding the radical left's desire for a socialist agenda are never examined. One cannot believe the naivete of the following statement:

France, of course, is not alone in the mire. Latest figures for the eurozone revealed record unemployment levels of 11.7 percent, with a total of 18.7 million out of work.
Although the situaton in France is nowhere near as dire as in Spain, where 26.2 percent of adults are out of work, it has placed the Socialist government under immense pressure after only seven months in office.
The government has not been helped by the fact that companies, including car giant PSA Peugot-Citroen, delayed the announcement of their much-feared redundancy plans until after last spring's elections.

Mass job cuts are expected to continue into 2013.
According to the country’s National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE), 75,000 jobs will be lost in the first six months of 2013, half of which will be in industry.
INSEE expects the unemployment rate to reach 10.9 percent by the middle of 2013, the highest rate since 1997.

Socialists desire to control a populace through cradle to grave care based on an economic system of controlling all aspects of production. That the irony of this position escapes journalists makes one wonder whether any major news source in Europe has the guts to question socialism as a system, period. Where are the real examinations of cause and effect occurring in journalism?

Even in Great Britain, a country holding its own outside the eurozone, the concept of capitalism is criticized without thinking---that a free market, with some legal restrictions, can only create wealth is a discussion not seen at all in the press. I guess stealing is in and working is out.

I saw this is Eire recently, when youth and older people told me that working is not worth the effort. One can live comfortably on the dole. The shops in Dublin and other places are full of Poles and others who are willing to work for lower wages rather than not work at all. I got tired of hearing excuses from young people who have enough money on the dole to smoke and go to the pub on a regular basis. Then, the press decries the growth of depression among the youth. Hey, look at the cause and effect, journalists.

Europe has created a monster of a generation of anarchists who expect to be cared for without giving to the societies in which they live.  There is a European Lost Generation, not merely because of high unemployment owing to bad socialist policies for years, high taxes and high inflation, but the irresponsible greed of the early 2000s boom times, when some businesses, such as construction, borrowed money without any long-term plan of paying back loans. Over 700,000 houses need to be sold in Spain alone, and house prices in Eire will plummet this coming year, as thousands of properties remain empty. In the meantime, social programs abound. Common sense is out the window, being pushed out by ideology.

As far as I know, Greece still does not have property taxes for any home owners in the entire country and yet demand that the other EU countries help it out of bankruptcy. 

The entire situation reminds me of parents who complain how badly their children behave without any attempt to discipline them. Cause and effect....

Anarchy is popular because it takes away personal responsibility. That the movement is growing indicates that the narcissism of family planning and the entitlement mentality has created this monster of complete individualistic, non-communal concern.  Cause and one writes about this. Why?

We Catholics know who the ultimate Anarchist is...he is a person and has a name. He, like his followers, refuses to serve none but himself. He is the enemy of mankind and the cause of chaos.

This cause and effect is never, never approaches in the secular or even religious press. Narcissism is satanic.