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Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Merry Christmas to the Heroes

I want to say Merry Christmas to all the heroes:

for the grandparents, who have passed down the Faith in the families;

for the grandparents who pray hours in front of the Blessed Sacrament for their families;

for the dads who sacrifice hours to be with the kids;

for the dads who sacrifice plum careers to put family first;

for the moms who do millions of unsung things for the family;

for the moms who stay at home and choose a lower standard of living to home school the kids;

for the kids who obey and honour their parents;

for the kids who love their siblings more than themselves;

for the single parents, who, through no fault of their own, must be both dad and mom;

for the priests, who work so hard in the holidays, taking on extra confession times and Masses;

for the priests who do not see their families until after Christmas and who sometimes have no place to go;

for the singles, who are good, practicing  even holy Catholics, who are lonely, looking for good Catholic mates, that St. Joseph will hear their prayers today;

for pro-life workers and counsellors, for your love and care and prayers and hours of vigils outside;

for the seminarians, who are entering, studying, knowing they are in the age of the martyrs;

for our military, from America and England on the front lines;

for those who are chronically ill and never complain;

for the prophets, who are not appreciated, and sometimes maligned for speaking the Truth;

for my fellow Catholics across the world suffering for their faith.

For you, and all I have forgotten, a happy day.


Richard Collins said...

Great post, Happy Christmas Supertradmum!

Matthew Roth said...

Merry Christmas Supertradmum! I hope you have a wonderful time w/ your son!
Yes indeed merry Christmas to all you named. I am thinking of one family in particular that met the first eight, then 10-13, 14 (though thankfully all home for Christmas this year), and of course the last one. God bless 'em; you posted recently about having met saints-the young people at the TLM in Eire I believe- and it hit me. That entire extended family, or darn near all of them anyways, will go to Heaven. Oh woe is me, the one who shakes as he says his Rosary with some fear that he's not doing enough...sigh.