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Thursday, 6 December 2012

Persecution of Christian Charity at Berkeley

It has been a bad day for Christians.....


Bill Meyer said...

No surprises here. And there is worse:

Matthew Roth said...

He has a complete lack of charity towards those who do not endorse homosexuality and towards the poor. Also, I thought the Salvation Army was fairly liberal. Apparently I'm misinformed, interesting.

Elizabeth said...

The Salvation Army does hold strong views on homosexuality, perhaps similar to ours as Catholics ~ not sure about that.

One thing I didn't know until this past week is that while the U.S. Salvation Army says they totally disagree, the International Headquarters Salvation Army's official statement on abortion is that abortion is fine in these cases:

*life of the mother
*suspected birth defects

How about that? All these years, I've been plunking in money to their Red Kettles at Christmas, not knowing that they're not really a pro-life "church" at all. Disappointing.