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Saturday, 1 December 2012

Satan does not care how you go to hell, just that you get there

In thinking about hell because of all the readings of the past two weeks and that "something" in the air which causes many of us to be thinking of the same things at the same time, I have been meditating on the fact that the demon who hates God and the good does not care how you get to hell, but that you get there.

Sadly, I must posit again the problem of so many people not believing in hell.

Then, I must list all the way Satan is tricky, very tricky, as he is so much more intelligent than we are. He watches us. He cannot read our minds, but he does watch and wait to trip us up.

Here are some traddie ways to fall into serious sin; this is a special list for my traddie friends and myself.

1. Think you are better than everyone else because you go to the TLM weekly, or belong to the SSPX. This is hubris.

2. Think that Rome is wrong when the Pope makes statements ex cathedra

3. Think that liberal bishops cannot be obeyed.

4. Think that the FSSP is a compromising order (I really do not like this one)

5. Think that Vatican II caused all the problems-you do not know your Church history

6. Think that the Mass and Doctrine were changed in the Vatican II documents-yes, there are vague and confusing statements, but doctrine remains solid.

7. Think that the Novus Ordo is always invalid.

8. Think that you know better than Rome about issues regarding private revelations.

9. Think that confessions in the SSPX are legal; no, these are not, sadly.

10. Think that you can disagree with the teachings of the Church concerning the Apostolic Succession (sedvacantist position)


Henry Edwards said...

Among the many tradies I know and have known personally, I doubt that any significant number subscribe to your list of ten baddies, other than perhaps #9 among some SSPXers with the theory of "supplied jurisdiction", which I myself do not absolutely know to be false. In that, while I know all about (and believe) sacramental faculties being granted by the Church through bishops with jurisdiction, I do not know much about the limits to God's Divine Mercy, and therefore would not put it past Him to somehow provide for those pious souls making good confessions to priests whom they believe to have faculties.

Supertradmum said...

Henry Edwards, I hope so, regarding Confession and Marriages in the SSPX, as I have friends who are in that group and love them dearly. They are excellent Catholics.

Sadly, this is a list from conversations with TLM Catholics. The liberal bishop one is huge among those who want to follow private revelations condemned by local ordinaries, such as Bayside. The others I have come across in traddies in Europe. I just wanted to warn my dear friends and warn myself as well, to be careful. I know many good Catholic trad priests who have told me the faculties are not given to SSPX priests and that the Confessions are not valid. But, one can hope and pray that the Pope makes all this clear soon. The marriages are another issue.

As to some of the points, I think the problem is merely bad catechesis and the fact that so many people I have met insist on a purely anti-intellectual experiential religion, which includes the TLM and will not read the CCC. Thankfully, they hear, mostly, good sermons and can come to the orthodoxy needed via those.