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Sunday, 6 January 2013

Epiphany in Malta It-Tre Re

Chartres Cathedral

 or The Three Kings. 

Qagħaq tal-Għasel or tal-Qastanija or honey rings, are eaten. I have not seen one as of yet, but hope to today.

I love the Three Kings and wrote a book length poem on them in 1979. My poetry professor at ND liked it, which was amazing, as he was an agnostic.

My poem is a psychological and historical study in verse. It is in a box in Illinois. However, I love the Magi, as they overcame great odds, most likely including derision, for their long journey to Christ. 

The Medievals loved them and art-work, including stained glass depicts them. Of course, they herald the coming of the Gentiles into the Kingdom of God.

Here are some choice pieces of art depicting the Magi. Happy Epiphany.

Canterbury Cathedral

Canterbury Cathedral

Chartres Cathedral

Canterbury Cathedral, again

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Supertradmum said...

I just found out that there are no processions for this feast anymore, as the locals today told me that the government outlawed Epiphany processions two years ago. I wonder if the charming arrival of the Kings by boat still occurs. As the socialists have gained more power, there is most likely a hatred of kings...and religion. Hmmm, fits into a few themes of this blog, doncha think?