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Monday, 14 January 2013

January and April

Today in Malta is like April in the Midwest. The sky is bright blue and the clouds puffy and sometimes pink.

There is a little rain, and temperatures in the low 60s Fahrenheit. If there was a Latin Mass SOMEWHERE on this island on a regular basis, I could consider this home.

But, there is not, and my heart has been breaking because of the abuses and lack of reverence in the churches.

This fact has been eating at my soul for two weeks. I cannot understand the laissez faire attitudes and protestantization of the liturgies.

So sad. This island is not a Mecca for liturgical splendour.

London has several Latin Mass venues, and I shall be glad to go again.

Tears for the soul of Malta. The rain is like the tears for the lost heritage of liturgy here.


Anonymous said...

There is the Byzantine liturgy at Our Lady of Damascus in Valletta. I would have gone there rather than attend the NO.


Supertradmum said...

Ah, wish I had known that. Thanks. I was Byzantine while living in the wilds of Canada, so I know the liturgy

Maltese TradCath said...

If you're still in Malta, the Divine Liturgy takes place every day at 07:30. Sunday 09:00, here is their official site: