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Thursday, 10 January 2013

On the sea

Malta is a beautiful island and the people are friendly. If you can handle 65 degrees Fahrenheit on a January day, this is the place to be.

I can sit by the sea and watch the waves for a long time. I grew up on the Mighty Mississippi River and feel landlocked if I cannot see water.

This fact adds to the reason I love Malta, and England. Island people have their own closeness and cosiness  Last night, I had a fascinating discussion on politics and the dangers of the times with three highly intelligent Millennials.

This younger generation gets it. They see what is coming in the world and they are intuitive. They do not pretend or have their heads in the proverbial sands.

I wish them more than well. I wish them all the peace God can bring to their lives, which will be much more difficult than mine.

As seen in an earlier post, I was born in a time of solid families and ordered social mores.

I have linked that post.

If the youth of today find peace, it will have to be within their own souls and own hearts. I pray they find that strength, here in the beauty of their homeland.