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Friday, 11 January 2013

Pilgrimage Tour continued

My own pilgrimage tour also takes me today to the little church down the steps from St. Paul's Street in Valletta. If one did not know it was there, one would pass it by........

In the Franciscan Church of St. Mary of Jesus is the Miraculous Crucifix. The was done by the artist Frate Umile Pintoro do Petralis Soprano (Palermo). It is not only a masterpiece of Baroque Art, but miraculous.

The people of Malta pray to Jesus Crucified in times of trouble.

Of course, I pray twice before the crucifix with my list of names and petitions. The image is moving.

It shall remain embedded in my memory.

Blessed Ignatius Falzon (Nazju Falzon) (1813–1865), who was a catechist, is buried in this church as well. And, he also received petitions. One can go right up to his grave and put one's hands on the burial place. I prayed to him much in 2011, as I am at heart a catechist, and I think he is behind me starting up the blog again. 

I shall continue the tour on the blog tomorrow.