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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

The Year of Faith.

I have been so caught up with life that I have not written a post on the excellent call to consider the true Faith and to ask for the gift of faith in this Year of Faith. Faith means many things to many people, and some people claim they do not have any faith, but all humans believe in something, even if it is not religious in content. One can believe in unseen realities told to us by scientists, politicians and even the medical community, believing without seeing or even understanding. This is an aspect of faith.

One can believe in one's own self and have confidence in unseen talents or abilities or even passions in the soul. One believes in one's friends. One believes in one's football team. In this Year, one can face the need for the adult appropriation of the Faith. At a certain age, it is the responsibility of each person to understand and believe in the faith because it is one's own and not belonging to either a parent or a priest. A priest in Ireland told me recently that the reason the Irish have lost their faith is that they stayed at a child-like faith level and did not read or study or pray into their maturity.

In this Year of Faith, please help those around you come to their own appropriation of the Faith through faith, hope and love.